Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year fellow bloggers and blogreaders! I took myself a little unannounced free time from the blogging world this holiday to spend time with friends, family and dear old Lindex (Yeah, I worked a lot). Let me sum up my week:

Sunday 25th; I made my first attempt at going out with friends (You can go out to certain pubs/bars when 18 in Norway and some allow 18 year olds in only for the holidays). Now I’ve been 18 for almost a year and I’m turning 19 in 17 days, so I’m kind of slow on the whole going out thing. I guess I’ve never been much of a party animal… Anyhoot, first attempt at going out – me and my friend Matilde stood in line until we literally we’re first in line, when the bouncer goes: “Sorry guys, it’s full inside.” Seriously? We stood in line for another hour thinking they’ll have to let someone in soon. But after an hour I said screw it, and went home. So I still haven’t ever been out.

Monday 26th; Had a relaxing day with my boyfriend while eating crap and having a good ol’ time.

Tuesday 27th; Got up at 5am in order to be at work a little before 7am so that I could spend 2 hours pricing every single piece of clothing which was ment for sale with 50% stickers. Then I spent another 4 hours helping customers and sorting through our tights-wall. When done at one o’clock, I went to Hamar and spent more money than I should have on after-Christmas sales. FUN! Among the stuff I bought was these babies…


For a bargain price of 400Kr ($67) when they actually cost 1000Kr ($167)!!

Wednesday 28th; I worked, again…

Thursday 29th; FREE! Woohoo! I ate wonderful homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, went to the movies with my family to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie and finished that awesome evening with SUSHI! Yum!

Friday 30th; I worked, again.. but I had a very nice evening after that with cardgames and boardgames played with my siblings and Paul.

Saturday 31st; The last day of 2011! I slept long, ate a delicious breakfast. Packed my bags and then drove Paul home before I myself went to my friend Matilde. There, we ate, got ready and went to a new years party!



Yours truly played around with fake eyelashes and thought that would be a fun add to the party-look, until I realized that the glue really hurt when it was dry so I said skipped that idea…







Happy New Year everybody!


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  1. Happy New Year! One small remark and do not be upset, do take out the 4th picture from the bottom, someone will be grateful! Nad I like reading your post, it reminds me on how it was when I was young!