Sunday, January 22, 2012


Do you remember my new apartment where I will be moving this summer?


It was quite plain and not the least bit personal. Me, being the person I am, I was determined to turn this place into a homey-personal place where I will enjoy living for the next years… So this weekend when I went to Oslo to visit Paul I convinced him to come with me to IKEA, and here is the results:





Can you tell that I like purple? I’ve also bought a new sofa at a bargain price (gotta love those New Year sales)!! This little baby will be entering the apartment as soon as we figure out how to get her down to Oslo:


I love making a house a home, or in this case an apartment a home. The thing is, this will be my first home away from home, and my first home with Paul. It’s exciting because I’ve always been a lot at home with my family and I’ve never lived in a city (of any size, seriously) – but now I will live alone, with my boyfriend, in the capital of Norway. No more buses to school, now it’ll be the subway…



I’m going to miss my family like crazy, yet I can’t seem to feel depressed about moving out. Have you ever felt so excited to begin something that nothing else can bring you down? That’s how I feel. I’ve been with Paul for two years now, and the only thing I hate about our relationship is how stressing it is to be together. It’s like you have to do something before you go here, there or home. It’ll be so nice to just be together, without stressing because the date, day or weekend is almost over.


Then what I am most excited about: a city! I’ve always lived in small places, where everybody knows everything about everyone and groups are formed by who you’ve grown up with, and the style is a certain way so if you stick out you’re pretty much an outcast. I can’t wait to be just a person in a crowd. An individual, who nobody judges because you are just some random passer-by to them. To go to a school and study something together with people who are interested in the same things as you, not who you are stuck with in a obligatory class that you don’t have any real interest for. And to share these interests with people who have no idea of your past, who haven’t heard any rumors about you or has no real reason for prejudice. Sure, people will always have some thoughts about you, but that they haven’t heard it from all those know-it-alls in a small place.

People laugh a little at me and say I get too excited about things that are going to happen later on, but it makes sense though, doesn’t it? This excitement for change? I think so..



  1. You have good reasons to be excited, you start a new chapter of your life! My advice (I went with 19 to study in another country) is to be happy for what comes ahead, it will simply be FUN! Enjoy

  2. aww your gna have such a good time girlie!!! i love the changes you made and i am jelly of that sofa mainly because its the one we want!!

  3. Your apartment looks great! Glad you're looking forward to Oslo, for what sounds like the right reasons. You want to be a face in a crowd, you can certainly do that here. Don't worry about the bus and train and tram...they're very easy and dependable. Enjoy the big city, just never forget where you came might find one day that the things you dislike about it now are precisely what you are looking for. Or not!

  4. It's exciting that you're excited! Wishing you the best! :)