Tuesday, January 3, 2012


As usual around the turning of a new year, I made my little exercise and health plans with ideas in the back of my head as to how I could cheat sometimes and so on.. The way we all think around the 31st of December..

January 1st, I got on the weight scale just so I could jot down a number. Carelessly expecting the samme weight I’ve kept for a few years I looked down as the number stopped, and my jaw dropped. Note that I’ve never been heavier than 75 kg (165lbs(?)), but I’ve always felt that is way too heavy since I’m 1.73 and that weight ain’t just muscles. The weightscale said 83 kg (183lbs(?)). That’s almost 10 kg(22lbs).

That gave me quite an awakening. I started thinking, realizing how not only did I actually weight this much, but I’m exhausted and I have no energy for the time being. I’ve been mistreating my body, and at the age of almost 19 – I should actually be in my prime right now. My mom said that when she was my age, she barely slept because she had so much energy. I see all my friends who are out doing things, going, going and going. I realized that this is really bad.

So now my old’fashioned-gonna-sort-of-do-some-of-it plan has become my ultimate goal. I don’t think I’ve ever been this focused and set to change my life, and hopefully that will be enough.

I’m taking it one month at the time, with pictures and everything. Unfortunately I’m not showing you guys yet because just too many people I know read my blog. On the otherhand I will share with you food I make and the exercise I do. Today’s special: Turkey and broccoli omelette!


2 eggs

2 tbs water

1/4 tsp salt

1/4tsp garlic/pepper mix

Handful of broccoli (cut into small trees)

Small handful of turkey meat from New Years dinner’s leftovers

Chopped onion

Small drizzle of grated cheese (don’t be greedy with the cheesy)

I honestly kind of wing it with the amounts I put in. I focused on a lot of greens and some meat to make it extra filling. I just ate it now, for lunch at school. It was extremely good and quite pleasing! Pretty sure I can hear my stomach thanking me for the delicious lunch.

Sorry for the text-heavy post! Just wanted to share my problems and ideas with you guys!



  1. No problem to sharing, I keep my fingers crossed and I am sure you will master it!

  2. i 100% understand this. i gained 10kg upon moving to norway and it is near impossible to get it off over this way because the food selection at stores is HORRIFIC and all of the produce (even at produce-guarantee kiwi) is brown and gross. so im kind of stuck trying to eat more of a heavy protein diet, which is horrible for my lack of a kidney, because i simply cant find good produce here. any suggestions!??!!?

    good luck with everything-i think you look great but what i think doesnt matter, its all about you :)

  3. Enjoy the process of losing weight and getting more fit. Life's a process, not an endpoint, so you need to find ways to enjoy what you're doing while working towards the goals...the way I see it, any way. I'm looking forward to seeing what you discover along your path...the foods that you can eat/like to eat that help with your weight loss, as well as the types of exercise that keep your interest up and your weight down. If you dig the XC skiing, it's about the best exercise in the world. But the main point is to do something, pretty much anything, regularly. Healthy habits that you develop now can last your lifetime, and make that lifetime so much more enjoyable. I find that eating less processed foods, limiting carbs, and regular exercise works for me. Good luck, and keep us posted.