Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I’m a carboholic, a sinner. I love cheese, pasta, rice and potatoes. Honest to God I do. Now I am going to share with you one of my kitchen specialities, which inwards in my family I am famous for (are you starstruck yet?). This is simple, yet so freakin’ yum that you’re going to eat it all the time. Maybe this might even spice up your potato relationships in Norway Megan?


Slice some potatoes into random cubes. They don’t have to look nice or be equal in size, just chop’em up and spread them on a baking sheet. The reason for doing this is if some are at the top and some are at the bottom, the bottom ones will get soggy and soft while the ones on top will be nice and crispy obviously..


Spread some olive oil, or any other oil for that matter (except car oil and such obviously…) and don’t be greedy. If' they’re too dry they won’t tan as nicely.


Did I forget to mention I’m also a garlicaholic? I put a nice portion of garlic pepper and garlic salt on these babies so that they were nice and covered! Pop them in the oven at a high heat and then I usually say they’re done when they’re golden or after tasting one and getting hooked


I went for a walk with my mom today and found my first Geocache. It was brilliantly hidden and it made me all giddy to find more!


I found out that around the place where I will be living in Oslo, there are around 10 000 geocaches… think I’m excited much?



  1. oh my gooooodness! those potatoes DO look completely scrumptious!!!! i never knew potatoes would cook themselves without being boiled?! i feel as though i come from a different planet when it comes to cooking :) glad you shared this!

    and i just realized there was some geocaching around the small city i live in :) i just dont have a gps here! :(

  2. Very similar to what we do, very yummy indeed!

  3. The potatoes sound yummy. I've found I can get things like that coated with oil very uniformly, while using less oil (so a bit less fat which I try to minimize) by putting the potatoes in a plastic ziploc bag, drizzling a bit of oil in there, closing it up and shaking vigorously. Works good for getting the other things like spices all over them too!