Sunday, January 8, 2012


It was cold the other evening when I went out to try the new macro lens my mom got for Christmas…



But that’s not what I was going to tell you guys about now! This morning my parents were all excited about finding some world-wide treasure hunting game called Geo Caching (read about it HERE), which happens to be tons of hidden treasures (I think they’re logbooks or something) all over the world. Turned out there was 500 and something geo caches just here in the area we live, so they were ready to go hunting! I joined them and we brought a couple of the dogs, and shortly into our walk I realized that it was a good idea if I brought my camera..


In my biology class we’re having a project to make an object collection (a collection of pressed plants, excrement or pictures containin plants/animals/etc) and I sort of forgot about that until the snow came and all plants were dead and animals were hiding. So in a stress to get some examples for my collection I figured the best thing was to bring my camera, hence the piece of paper with my name on it. What you see above is the footprints of a hare.


Footprints of a deer (we saw so much of this it got boring)..


Not sure yet what this is. It looks somewhat like deer prints, but as if the deer tip-toed instead of putting his whole foot down.. Oh well.. It was a really nice walk and such a beautiful day..



The sun was shining and the cold gave me some nice pinkish cheeks..


I had a really nice walk and I think my walking buddy Nanna had a fun time too..


Do you have snow where you live?

Is there animal prints in it?



  1. Usually we do in January, but this year Germany is not having much snow. Lovely photos!

  2. If you can find frost patterns on something like a piece of metal or perhaps a window, those can make really interesting macro photos. We're down in Oslo, and have snow, but not so many animal prints...mostly the critters wading through the snow here are of the human-animal variety, not nearly as interesting as what you're probably getting around where you live. Enjoy the winter!

  3. 1) i think geocaching is awesome. i hope to do some more this summer/spring!

    2) guess how much snow we have here: ZEROOOO :( it sucks! please send some my way!!!!