Tuesday, January 17, 2012


19 years ago, I was born. Thank goodness for that because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have had as nice a day today as I have had!

It was such a nice day, the sun was shining, school was short and I was in a good mood. First of all, I love my parents. They are wonderful and my day would not have been the same without them! When I was done at school they treated me to one of the best baguettes around here before we went home, all I can say is yum!

I’m not the sturdy type. Usually you shouldn’t let me hold small, fragile things because I have this horrible curse of dropping them totally unintentionally. So when I got myself a cellphone that was tough enough for me a long time ago, I decided to stick with that one because no matter how many times I dropped it – it always kept on working. Well, sadly we all get older and worn out, so unfortunately my strong and wonderful phone was dying slowly causing much stress for me as it randomly would turn off, start blinking, etc… Luckily my parents noticed my distress, so today I got a new friend for my birthday:


A Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830! I love this phone, and it has so many nice features – but I am terrified to drop it. It’s so fragile!

To top the day off, we ate my second favourite food: SUSHI (note when I say sushi I actually mean the faux type with scampi and stuff)


Droooool. And then luckily my mom is the best chef/baker in the world so for dessert (you’re allowed a little treat on special occasions), Oreo Cupcakes!



It was goooood. So good that everyone was almost sick afterwards from scarfin’ it down so fast. Let’s put it this way – one was enough!

Well, now I’m going to bed. Tomorrow will be an exciting day, my grade is going to Lillestrøm (1,5 hour away) for an educational expo where all the different universities and colleges in Norway and the ones that offer studies in other countries have stands and tell you about their school.



  1. Mmmmm Oreo cupcakes!!!!!!! I want to taste!

  2. GRATULERER SÅ MYE MED DAGEN SARAH!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D <3 love, bluebreeze