Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

I’ve had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! It began somewhat slow and boring when I started at work at 9am and worked until 1pm.. After that however, I visited my boyfriend and his family to wish them a Merry Christmas, I drove home in a frozen winter wonderland while singing “Driving home for Christmas” to myself, and was greeted at home with a fan-freakin’-tastic Christmas dinner made by my very own mom ♥




We stuffed ourselves so good that we practically rolled away from the table and over to enjoy a relaxing evening on the couch to open some gifts and enjoy each others company…



One of the most exciting parts about this Christmas was that I hadn’t wished for anything in particular, nor did I shake, squeeze or feel any of the gifts under our tree. I was not at all disappointed though, it was clear that my friends and family know me and thought of me.. that’s why I love them…


I got table cloths, tealights and a cakeknife (so yes, when I’ve moved out this fall you’re all invited to my place for cake)… How might I be making this cake you ask? With this little baby…


Now don’t worry, I’ll be taking a shower before you all come.. and I’ll dry myself off with my own towels…


And just because my hair is a mile long and would take forever to dry itself…


I’ll make you a cup of tea to go with that slice of cake, and then you can enjoy that while relaxing with my beautiful, soft, new purple blanket…


We’ll light my candle…


…and have a real nice little visit! Yeah, like I told my parents.. after this Christmas I’m pretty much ready to move out! I also got some shopping cash for IKEA, so I know what I’m doing the next time I’m down in Oslo!

One of my favourite gifts was from my darling sweetheart, Paul ♥ I love him


Have you had a nice Christmas?

What was your favourite food?

What was your favourite gift?

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas, hugs from The Beara Necessities!



  1. God Jul Sarah it sounds like you had a truly wonderful evening, as did i!

    I ate pinnekjøtt for the second time in my life and it wasn't so bad! but i still cant enjoy that rice porridge stuff ick!

    my favourite gift was half bought by me and was a cameraa <3

  2. Great post, young lady! My favorite present was getting to spend time with my families...I don't need or want anything greater than that! Sounds like you've about got the new apartment all kitted out, how wonderful! Enjoy the rest of your 2011.

  3. You got such great photos of Christmas beara, I didn´t get any...isn´t that horrible and especially when your mamma got that pork fat bubbled up just perfect!!!! Good thing you recorded it for memory sake :-) Love you darling and spending Christmas with you, which I know will be a luxury in the future was the best part of my Christmas, but I also loved my watch you gave me :-)))))