Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is that in the distance? A festival?

Ladies and gentlemen, I am DONE. Or, pretty much so. Yesterday I had my math exam, which I will not comment on how it went. I’ve finished the last of my french homework, the last of my biology homework and the last of my chemistry homework. I am very pleased to tell you all that school is pretty much done for this year – and I am as done as it is.


I’m tired, I’m exhausted.. but instead of complaining like I have been doing the past weeks – I thought I’d share some joyful news!


In 25 days I’m leaving for the Hove festival! This is a fan-freaking-tastic festival, set on a beautiful island in the south of Norway. A week with concerts in the middle of amazingly wonderful nature. I’ll be spending this week with my two friends Berit and Matilde, both of which are working with me as volunteers for this festival. I will pick trash two days, and the other two will be selling food in stands for two days. In return, we get free stay, one free meal per day we’re working, and free festival tickets! Not to mention an experience of a lifetime!

I was at Hove last year with Paul, not working as a volunteer. I mean it people, this festival is AMAZING! I’m talking memories for life! Extra points for it being eco-friendly! Take a look by here where they themselves tell you about the festival in English: 

Have you ever been to a music festival?



  1. Have fun at the festival and congrats on being done with your crazy homework/paper.

    There's a little somethin-somethin for you on my blog pretty girl!

  2. Thankssss Sarah!!!!

    I go to music fests ALL the time :-) I loveeee it! Nothing is better and more relaxing than live music in my opinion...especially during the warmer months!

    and CONGRATS on being done with school right now WOOHOO!