Friday, June 10, 2011


FINALLY, I’m off school and summer is here! However, this is my first summer where I’m not just going to be lazy and simply do nothing! I’m working minimum 60 hours this summer, +++ because the shiftlist I got was just a rough cut.

Soo, summer had started off great. The past weeks my darling boyfriend was home from the military, the sun was shining and aside from boring last days of school – life was good!



The sun was inspiring me and making me even more excited for the Hove festival this summer, so while trying to find festival outfits I came across this dress that I simply loved! As soon as I get the chance, I am getting this dress!


I’m trying to figure out what colors fit me, and what doesn’t clash too much with my redhair. I’m a strawberry blonde and certain colors, just won’t work.

So life was pretty awesome, and then – the rain hit. Just check out the pictures here: (For those of you who doesn’t speak Norwegian or know how to use google translate – just look at the pictures). The other day, I was walking to the gym and all of a sudden it started to POUR! To top it all off, I had a white blouse on…


I’m not going to complain too much though, despite the rain – it hasn’t been that horrible. I’ve been proud of myself because I’ve worked out a lot this week. Take today for example, I woke up around 11am, went for a run, showered – ate and then went to work. It felt GREAT !


I have a few things on my list to do this summer, all from reading my books (I have 11 books on my list) to washing “my” (parents) car. Not to mention that “A lot of jogging” is definitely on my list! My goal is to look awesome by schoolstart in August! I love to jog, it’s only that darned doorstep that seems to be quite big sometimes. But now that summer is here, school is not – I have tons of time to do it! Hot bod here I come!

What plans do you have for this summer??


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  1. Woohoo for school being over! Sucks you must work- but at least it gives you a nice income!!! :)

    Håper du har en god helg!