Saturday, June 18, 2011

Getting ready

First of all, THANK YOU GUYS! It’s amazing to see that so many of you have entered my giveaway! Keep spreading the news about it and we’ll have ourselves a real exciting finalé!

I started to pack for the Hove festival this weekend. I’m not leaving until next Sunday, but considering a hectic week coming up I thought it would be smart to start early! So pretty much everything on my list except clothing has been packed, while I wait to see what the weather will be like for the festivalweek!


The #1 tip I read was to think COMFORT. For that reason I’m bringing a nice pillow and two blankets. I was there last year, and even though the sun was shining every single day making the air nice and warm it was soooooo cold at night! I slept horrible and was freezing all the time. This year I’m much better prepared!


Tip #2 that I didn’t read online but actually received by people who know me and know that I have light skin: sun lotion! I found this cute little one today (note that my phone is by it in order to show you how tiny it is).


This isn’t a tip, but rather just a must have. Antibacterial lotion WITH aloe vera (the aloe vera was just an added plus in case I get sunburned). BEST THING EVER, especially when you’re at a festival where there is nothing but nature – if you know what I mean… I know.. ew.


Awesome other things I got today while spending the day out with my darling mother: Proffs dry shampoo (Probably smart to have when you don’t know how often you’ll get to shower), a miniture version of Lee Staffords shampoo and miniture toothpaste (I was told this would last a week). The deodorant isn’t new, it’s actually one I got in America and that I LOVE. Works like a charm!!

So now, I’m pretty much ready for an awesome week with music, friends and summer!!

Have a great weekend everybody!



  1. Great! Hove festival! Say hello from my side :)

  2. I'm jealous i want to go to Hove festival!

  3. hope you had an awesome weekend girl! be sure to share photos and deets with us!!! <3