Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, there was something I intentionally forgot to mention to you guys about the whole “me-being-the-cook-this-week” thing. The reason for this was because my family was in Sweden on vacation and I was home alone (working). So most of you understand that when left home alone, don’t publish it on the web so everybody in the world knows – right?

Anyways, I’d been alone since last Saturday and the plan was they’d be coming home the following Saturday – today.

Then, last night as I got home from work, I saw empty dogpens as I drove into the driveway. My first thoughts were OMG, they are going to kill me! The dogs have gotten out! Oh no, oh no, oh no!!

Seconds passed as I started to open the garage door, when my mind suddenly flashed a single question: Is that a car parked where I’m supposed to park?

I didn’t even have time to register that question in my head before I heard shouting and loud cheering. All of a sudden my brother opens the car door and both he and my mom showered me with hugs.

They came home early! Yay! To be honest, I was bored to death after spending a week alone with dogs. I was tired of trying to think of dinners for myself and ways to spend my evenings before bedtime. All of a sudden there was my chatty family, homemade pizza and light! Oh, did I forget to mention that I’m such a lazy person that I usually just turned on one light in the house while being alone?

Anyways, they missed me as much as I missed them – so instead of them driving home today, we went to Hamar. There we ate döner kebab (YUMMY)


Aw my happy family who weren’t too pleased with this photo to begin with♥

…and then we went to see the last Harry Potter movie afterwards!!



I liked the movie, it answered so many of the questions I’d been wondering throughout the entire Harry Potter story. The only part I disliked, and I’m going to say this carefully incase you haven’t seen the movie, why didn’t they seem happier in the end?!

My parents didn’t like it much, but whatever – we who have grown up with Harry enjoyed it! I’ve never been a huge fan, but I remember when the very first movie came out I was desperately hoping I would get my invitation to Hogwarts soon after. It didn’t happen… Oh well! Thanks for some magical moments Harry Potter ♥

Enjoy your weekend guys!



  1. Happy photos :) and I can understand why you left out the fact that your family was away. BTW why didn't you go with them?

  2. You know I love the doner!! I could eat that 3x a week.

    It's nice that your family stopped by to see you and break you away from another night of -puppy conversation. Isnt' putting smiley faces on people's heads fun? Ha.

    I need to catch up on Harry Potter - I'm 2 films behind. Some of my coworkers saw it last week and said the same thing you did. The ending was kind of 'meh'. They should have been happier!

  3. i think its because such a massive thing had happened and they had lost a lot of loved ones so even though it was a victory it was a bittersweet one! woops if thats tmi! i adore HP the books mostly but the films a little as well!

    its nice that your family missed you so much they came home early :) xx