Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I know this one is coming a bit late, but to my defence I had company last night. These two awesome girls I went to Hove with came over and we had a small girls night. And what is a girls night without a makeover? Those lovely ladies sure made me over:





My hair is now a dark brown/red (depends on the lighting). I like it. Only one small problem, my eyebrows are naturally invisible. So when my hair goes dark, I have to try to make a small change to my eyebrows. I’ve been trying out my new eyebrow pencil, weird to see my brows for the first time.

Sooo, last nights dinner was a simple one. I thought about doing something fancy, but when I came across an old friend while I was in the grocery store and well.. you get the rest…


I can’t help myself. I might try to be a grown up, but I’m still a kid at heart. Mac and Cheese is not a common thing in Norway, although it’s much easier to find it in stores now a days. It was good!

New dinner coming up tonight! Stay tuned!



  1. wow your eyebrows look really good! i want to learn how to use an eyebrow pencil because i have like half blonde, half brown eyebrows and they look well strange :P

  2. Du ble skikkelig nice med øyenbrynene ;) Det gjør mye med looken på folk :) Passer deg kjempebra ! :D