Sunday, July 10, 2011


We are getting close people! In FIVE days we’ll have a winner in my first GIVEAWAY! You can still enter, so come one and all! Tell your sisters and mothers, your best friends or the people next door! I got the prizes just the other day, and let me tell you – they are fab!




I discovered a small problem though. I got the ring in two sizes: one S/M and one M/L. Now I have no idea what size fingers the winner has and neither do you, BUT – for that reason I think I will draw the winner Thursday evening (Norwegian time).

Now for an exciting (hopefully for you as well – not just me) update. I have the honor of deciding and making this coming weeks dinners, so for that reason I have decided to call this coming week DINNER DAYS! Just for fun, I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve made. I’m a creative soul and my mother has tought me well in the kitchen, so you won’t be seeing any pop-in-the-oven pizzas or such things. To kick off the week I thought I’d share with you todays dinner and dessert!


On the menu tonight was homemade chicken nuggets (tasted more like KFC), ovenbaked potatoes and a nice broccoli/cauliflower mix! YUM!


Then, for dessert, I made brownie cupcakes with bits of white chocolate in it and some freshly picked wild straw/blue-berries! I’m telling you people, if you like chocolate – you’ll love this!

If you’d like to make any of this the recipe for nuggets is here:

and for the cupcakes:

Have a great week everybody!



  1. Very nice menu and I can't wait for the giveaway!

  2. Oh, very nice ;) U can come and cook for me :P

  3. i am excited to see what you make for dinner (perhaps it's going to inspire me to make some good foods!).

  4. That necklace is ah-awesome! The bracelet and ring is cool too. Can't wait for you to pick the winner.

    Why is it I'm always eating popcorn when I see food posts. Your meal and cupcake looks delicious!