Sunday, March 10, 2013

From Paris to Vienna

February was a busy month. Not only did I enter it in beautiful Paris with my family but I then proceeded to move into a new, wonderful apartment and then head off to Vienna with my friends and classmates. I’ve almost had an experience overload this month, but it was so exciting and I find myself with a smirk on my face when I see that it’s only March and my facebook profile is filled with so many pictures of travel. Won’t it be fun to see what all is in my albums by December?

To celebrate my turning 20 and my dad having turned 40 this past November, my family (including Paul) went to Paris in the end of January. My five years of French didn’t pay off very well, but the food, the sights, the people – it was all so fantastic.

IMG_4519-2 IMG_4521-2


IMG_4596-2 IMG_4607-2

IMG_4676-2 IMG_4730-2

IMG_4788-2 IMG_4895-2

For more pictures, like my page on facebook here and check out the albums.

The weekend after we got home from Paris, we moved into our new apartment. To shortly explain how great this was, I can point out that our new apartment is almost twice the size of the old one and includes a seperate bedroom. Had you only seen the smiles on our faces.


The following weekend after our move I had to repack my suitcase and headed towards Vienna. This was a class trip, and about 45 of the students at my study signed up to tag along. Vienna was AMAZING, and we had a lot of fun.

IMG_5087-2 IMG_5150-2

IMG_5182-2 IMG_5238-2

IMG_5248-2 IMG_5255-2

IMG_5305-2 IMG_5315-2

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I’ve never given much thought to Vienna, but I was extremely pleansantly surprised at how wonderful the city was. Definitely going back with Paul next time. Again, for more pictures, like my page here.

So far, so fun. March looks to be filled with a lot of schoolwork but I’ve also been working off those schnitzels from Vienna. Mid-February I had actually lost about 7kg (15lbs) since I started exercising. Thanks to lots of beer, pretzels and schnitzels I gained most of that back but now, back in Oslo, it’s going down again.

Have you travelled yet this year?



  1. Loved our trip to Paris, hope we can experience so much more of the world in the future :-)

  2. Vi hadde det så fint i Wien <3 Bare synd at kg våre kom på igjen:/ Men nå er vi igang igjen, haha, weighin for the blue team på tirsdag ;)