Thursday, March 21, 2013

Zzzzzleep; the good and the bad

I love to sleep. Who doesn’t? It feels so good, it gives thoughtful minds a rest and it lets hard-worked bodies regenerate. Anyone who reads my blog knows I love interior decorating, and my bedroom is no exception. I love going to sleep in a nice bedroom, and waking up in the same place; my own little oasis of rest and sleep.


I used to be able to wake up easily even on the earliest mornings. I was a morning person, and had no problem bragging about it. One summer I got up at 9 am every morning despite not having any school, because I just liked to get up and have most of the day left. Sadly when I moved to Oslo, with a boyfriend who is not and has never been a morning person, and no more of the old every-day-at-8am school structure; my habit has turned. I hit the snooze button more than ever, I’ve missed classes because I don’t hear my alarm (selective hearing?) and I generally hate to have to get up early. I’m a zombie I’ve never been before. So some changes are in need, and here is the best google-tips I’ve decided to try…


# Stop using your computer 2 hours before bedtime.

# Get at least 6-8 hours of sleep –> find how many hours your body needs.

# Find 3 exercises you do every single morning.

# Get a morning ritual that will make you look forward to getting up and doing it.

# Get up at the same time every day.


This shouldn’t be too hard things to try. I’ve had a horrible habit of sitting on my computer until the second I look at the clock and think “damn, I have to get up in 5 hours”, so I have no doubt I could benefit from a computer lockdown in the evening. Given that I’ve been trying to exercise lately, the 3 exercises in the morning are nothing if not beneficial. To start I’ll make it a one month challenge! Anybody else who feels the need to improve their sleeping habits, feel free to join in. April 21st I’ll update on how this went and if I can continue back in better habits.

What do you do in the morning?


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