Sunday, November 27, 2011

My future apartment

Next summer I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend to an apartment we are already renting (he’s paying while just he lives there – then I’ll join in when I get there). Last night, after work, I drove down to Oslo and spent my first night in my future home for while I study!






It’s still pretty basic, and hasn’t gotten my touch since I’ve only been there this once – hehe! – but I loved it and felt very comfortable being there! Considering Paul has a birthday soon, when I can’t visit him, I let him have his birthday present early…



I got him a care pack! Different things he would need and that he loves. That included dishsoap, toilet paper, toothpaste, tea, hot chocolate, chilinuts and different other things! Very fun, and I think he really liked it!

We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary today! It makes me so happy to see how well our relationship is going and I love that we’ll be able to take it to a new stage this coming year. I love my boyfriend more than I can explain, and no matter what challenges we meet – we’ll find a way through. Where we’ll be in a year or two is impossible to know, but for me – it’s worth taking the chance to see. If I get it my way, we’ll be stronger than ever – living together – and learning to love one-and-other in a whole different way than we have before. I’m sure of him and how I feel when I’m with him, and for now – that’s all I need.



  1. wow that apartment is cute! congrats on 2 years i wish you many many more years of happyness!

  2. happy anniversary girl!!!!

    finally able to catch up on what you've been up to! whew! and this apartment is amazing (esp that kitchen!) :) you're going to love living there im sure!

  3. Adorable apartment & happy anniversary :)

    Glad I found your blog :D