Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is Cookie:


She is our new Bichon Havanais(sp?) puppy! She is an adorable little bundle of kick-ass (literally, she is scared of nothing) with a sunny disposition! She loves everybody but can be to some degree compared to the arch angel Michael in the movie with John Travolta. She does not hesitate to tell our big dogs that she ain’t scared of them!


She’s a punk, but we all have fallen head over heals for her. Even the big guy in the picture above. How can you now go Awww when she comes running to you like a bouncy little teddy bear?


I got some awesome news! My boyfriend and I are planning on living together while we study in Oslo, but his studies start this coming January. Therefore, we had to find some place to live before then. Yesterday we were in Oslo looking at an apartment and found the place! It’s small and humble, but in a wonderful standard and it has a great location! So next summer I will be moving in here:





Ours is the exact same as this, except it’s reverse. The entry is where the bed is and opposite. The kitchen is on the other side and we have no balcony. I like it though, my head can’t stop thinking about how I want it to look. Haha! And I’m a completely different shade of jealous knowing that Paul gets to move in now and I have to wait 6 months! Oh well, that time will probably come faster than I can imagine. I might have to posts pictures of how it turns out though, just because I’m not moving in right away doesn’t mean I can’t help decorate it :)


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