Sunday, March 18, 2012


I have a problem. I can eat a lot. Honestly, I kind of laugh a little when friends of mine say they’re full after just one muffin or a single slice of bread. Or even one portion of dinner. Sure enough I can feel pretty full after certain meals, but others I could easily fill up on two (or worst case, yet rarely, three) portions before I feel full enough to last me until my next meal. Sometimes I feel like I could go on eating forever because it takes so much for me to fill up. For example; lunch at school, two slices of bread rarely keep me satisfied until dinner, let alone the end of the school day. Not to mention this is Norwegian breads, that means with lots of grains and such…


So I’ve been trying to think of how I can learn to eat less and still feel full. Some of the best tips I’ve gotten/found might be to for example drink a lot of water before a meal to trick my stomach into thinking I’m fuller than I really am…


Another trick was to eat slowly (which is a challenge for me because I’m usually quite hungry when I sit down for a meal) and to eat smaller portions by using smaller plates/bowls…


What do you think? Can you trick/train yourself to eat less and still feel full? How do you do it?



  1. Well it is not easy and I can understand but I guess with you is age :) you are still so young and your burning calories is faster :) water does help :)

  2. ive been seeing a nutritionist and she told me 6 small meals a day 4 hours apart and i have to say it really helps curb those desperate hunger cravings when all you want to do is inhale the food, im thinking about starting a weightloss blog in norwegian woop