Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome to a new beginning!

To those of you who are popping by for the first time; WELCOME! And to those of you who used to pop by; WELCOME BACK! Summer ended up being a long blog-break, and I seriously considered calling the whole thing quits. I spent 18 wonderful days in the US visiting family and friends.



Then I spent the rest of the summer with friends, family and working at Lindex almost every day! We went for walks, ate BBQ and enjoyed the fantastic weather we had this summer. I even went for a swim for the first time in years!




Then I started a new degree at the University College in Oslo, a business and administrations study which I hope will help me reach my dream job in marketing. A lot has happened, and a lot has and is still changing. I’m 20 years old, and life is just beginning in so many ways. I’m learning so much more about myself and developing into the person I’m meant to be. During one of these deepthought moments this summer I realized, after years of not being able to tell people because I didn’t know myself, what my passions and interests are. I also realized, I want to blog about it!


Decorating. Interior decorating, holiday decorating. Doesn’t matter. I love decorating. It’s also a large part of my job and I find such joy in making things look nice, unique and fun. So one of the things I will be blogging about in the coming months (maybe even years?) is decorating of all sorts.


Food. I love good food, and so does my honey. We share this passion, and I spam my instagram followers almost daily with pictures of food that I make, my honey makes, or that I’ve eaten elsewhere. I love trying new recipes and for my sake food has to be quality. I don’t live to eat, but since I need to eat to live I might as well enjoy keeping myself alive!



Last but not least; Photography. I’m an amateur, and fine with that. I love taking pictures, I love catching a detail, I love macro. Anyone who will follow along will notice that I love taking close-up photos to catch the detail in something. It’s just a preference, my taste if you will.

So! If you’re interested in reading about food, decorating or simply enjoy looking at a simple Oslo-girl’s photography, I hope you come back again soon. You can follow me on bloglovin, facebook or if you don’t want all the talking (I promise I won’t write this much in my posts normally) and just want pictures I’m sarkip on instagram! Ciao!

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