Friday, August 31, 2012

Tomorrow, ‘tis the season of warmth and color.

I follow a general rule of thumb; winter is December, January and February; spring is March, April and May; summer is June, July and August; and last but not least, fall is September, October and November. Tomorrow is the 1st of September, so in my mind then it will officially be fall; and I’m very OK with that.
Fall, or Autumn for those who call it that, is my favorite season. That might not make sense to some, but I love almost everything about it. This season feels so warm, despite the temperatures slowly going down. Nature explodes in reds, oranges and yellow; you start wearing big fluffy sweaters and scarves to keep warm; you start wearing slippers inside, instead of walking around barefoot..
You can drink hot chocolate and tea without going past the point of that comfortable warmth you seek when drinking it (if I drink any of these in the summertime I end up sweating like nobody’s business), evenings become just dark enough that you can light candles for a great atmosphere and you can make delicious, warm and comforting soups..
Though this might sound quite crazy, I don’t mind much catching a cold in the fall either. I don’t like it in the spring, definitely not in the summer, but colds and fall kind of go hand in hand.. And colds aren’t so bad when you can actually do the things above; wear big comfy sweaters, drink a cup of tea and eat yummy soups. Not to mention, fall leads to one of the best Holidays of the year: CHRISTMAS!
Have a great last day of summer!


  1. i agree with you so much i am looking forward to autumn like nobodies buisness!!

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